NGK Spark Plugs (Philippines), Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of NGK products in the Philippines. Our products mainly cover the aftermarket components for automotive and motorcycles. NGK is also known as the leading ignition and sensor specialist providing high-quality spark plugs, glow plugs, spark plug caps, cables, and sensors. Aside from the wide offering of automotive and motorcycle portfolio, the Company also specializes in technical ceramics including semiconductor products, fine ceramics, and cutting tools for many different industrial areas.

Glow Plugs

NGK Glow Plugs are at the forefront of technological innovations. Our glow plugs maintain optimum starting capabilities and offer an excellent post-glow function, promoting clean combustion and lower toxic emissions.


As one of the world’s leading spark plug manufacturers, NGK SPARK PLUG has been igniting sparks since the 1930s.

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NGK Spark Plug Installation

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